Cloud Physical Properties (CPP)


CPP Cloud Phase
  1. Goal of the Cloud Physical Product product
  2. Cloud Physical Product algorithm summary
  3. Cloud Physical Product outputs

Goal of the Cloud Physical Properties product

The Goal of the Cloud Physical Properties (cpp) parameters is to give a more detailed insight into micro-physical conditions of clouds. This means the thermodynamic phase of the cloud particles at the upper part of the cloud and the vertical integrated liquid water path. In addition to these also other cloud micro-physical parameters are retrieved. These additional parameters are made available as they may be of interest to some users. But they are not validated and are not part of the official product.

Cloud Physical Properties algorithm summary

A central step within the cpp retrieval is an iterative process wherein the convergence of cloud optical thickness and cloud particle size is tested. First pre-calculated Look-Up Tables (lut) for ice-phase are used and if this does not succeed liquid water luts are used. The finally used lut-set leads directly to the cloud phase product. In case of water-clouds, the vertically integrated liquid water content is derived from an analytic relation, using the following auxiliary data:

Cloud Physical Properties output

Main output

There are two official products of Cloud Physical Properties:

CPP Liquid Water Path
Cloud Phase Classes
Value Class name
1 Cloud phase: liquid
2 Cloud phase: ice
255 Unprocessed / No data

Additional output

There are five additonal products of Cloud Physical Properties:

In addition there are six data sets for quality and processing information: