Real time monitoring - DR

Real time monitoring of product performance and stability is shown here for pps on DR data

NB! For the moment (autumn 2022) the VIIRS (Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20) products are produced by PPS v2021.2, and the AVHRR/MODIS products are produced by PPS v2018. Those versions produce different kinds of statistics; thus the availablity of processing time statistics depends on which satellite. Please see bottom of this page for details.

Statistics of total processing time
The statistic available, per satellite
Product Availability and content
Data preparation For VIIRS: physiography and NWP-preparation
For AVHRR/MODIS: as for VIIRS plus level 1c processing.
Preparations for CMa/CMa-prob Only used for VIIRS.
Cloud Mask For VIIRS: Just Cloud Mask
For AVHRR/MODIS: Cloud Mask and Preparations for CMa/CMa-prob
Cloud Probability Only used for VIIRS.
Cloud Type Just Cloud Type, in both cases
CTTH Just CTTH, in both cases
CMIC Only used for VIIRS. CMIC is the new name of CPP.
CPP Only used for AVHRR/MODIS.
Total processing time The sum of all the above statistics, except for Cloud Probability which is omitted due to processing reasons.

VIIRS is the instrument used on Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20. AVHRR or MODIS are the instruments used on the other listed satellites.