What are we doing?

At smhi we are active in the Nowcasting Satellite Application Facilities (nwc saf) initiated by eumetsat. In the remote sensing group, at smhi, we are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Polar Platform System package (the pps-package) to process the products from data gathered from polar orbiting satellites, Metop, noaa and Suomi-NPP.

The nwc saf derive and develop products for nowcasting and very short range forecasting. The general objective of the nwc saf is to provide operational services to ensure the optimum use of meteorological data in nowcasting and very short range forecasting.

The nwc saf does not deliver products, but distributes software packages for local installation to facilitate real time use of products by forecasters, as input to mesoscale analysis and to specific short range forecasting models. nwc saf cloud products are also used as basic input to production chains of the Climate saf and Land saf.

General information about the saf's

smhi is active in three of the totally eight eumetsat saf's now in operation. Every one of the eight saf projects are lead by one of the Meteorological Services of the eumetsat member states. The leading entity is managing the project and coordinates the tasks between the various European partners. The saf's are currently in their second Continous Development and Operations Phase (cdop2) which started in 2012 and runs until 2017. The saf's either deliver products (off-line or in near real time) or software and tools (to extract products locally) according to the eumetsat data policy (not only to member states or cooperating states).

The development for the saf to support nwc saf as well as for the Ocean & Sea ice saf (osisaf) applications begun in early 1997. Shortly thereafter the Climate Monitoring saf (cmsaf) started. Today smhi is playing a central role in the nwc saf and the cmsaf, and only having some cooperation with the osisaf. In the framework of these three safs smhi is developing software to extract cloud information from the data of the current noaa/Metop and Suomi-NPP satellite programs and the future jpss satellite program.

The nwc saf at smhi

Within nwc saf at smhi, we have the full responsibility of the software development and integration of the cloud mask, cloud type, cloud top temperature & height, precipitating clouds and the cloud physical properties products for pps. Those products are derived from avhrr/viirs and amsu/mhs data of the current polar noaa/Metop/Suomi-NPP satellites and smhi plays a key role in the nwc saf project.

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