At smhi, we are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Polar Platform System package (the pps-package) of nwc saf, to process the products from data gathered from polar orbiting satellites, Metop, noaa and Suomi-NPP.

The latest version of the Polar Platform System (pps) software package is available at the nwc saf Help Desk, under license.

pps implements the functionalities required to generate the saf products for Nowcasting and very Short Range Forecasting from polar orbiting satellite data. The core of pps is constituted by stand-alone applications responsible to generate the different meteorological products. The standard use of pps will be the timely generation of near real-time products. The frequency for this generation cycle is dictated by the frequency of the local noaa, Metop and Suomi-NPP satellite overpasses received.

Use of modis data

It is also possible to process data from the modis instrument, onboard the eos satellites Terra and Aqua, with pps. This applies to all pps and cpp cloud parameters. The only exception being the Precipitating Clouds product, as an amsu-B like instrument is missing on the eos satellites.

License and conditions of use

The software is provided under license. Rights to use, copy, or modify this software follows eumetsat policy of the nwc saf/pps software, and is specified in the dedicated license agreement. To obtain the software, a licence agreement needs to be signed. Please contact the Help Desk.