pps release history in short

The version 1.0 of the Polar Platform System software package (pps) to produce all four products using locally recieved hrpt data was released to eumetsat member states (and cooperating states) in June 2004. In June 2005 the pps version 1.1 was released, and a patch for noaa-18 and the mhs instrument was available in September 2005 through the nwc saf Help Desk.

Version 2.0 was released in March 2007, and included among other things adaptations to aapp-6 and Metop.

Version 2008 was released in April. The most prominent updates in version 2008 was the introduction of osisaf ice concentration maps and the subsequent improved cloud masking over sea ice at night, the option to also be able to run the ctth product in satellite swath projection, as well as an improvement to the mw part of the precipitating clouds algorithm.

Version 2009 was released in March 2009. It contained adaptations for noaa-19. Besides a number of bug corrections, version 2009 implemented a sun-earth distance correction for the vis/nir channels, and added support for parallel processing in ctth.

Version 2010 was released in June 2010. Among other changes it contained the implementation of montly emissivity maps, for calculating the Cloud Mask/Cloud Type thresholds. rttov-7 was replaced by rttov-9, and the use of EMOS was replaced by the use of grib-api . Additional Cloud Mask tests, preparing for viirs was added. Also, the processing of gac data was improved.

Version 2010 was follwed by a few patches, in 2010 and early 2011, concerning eg. usage of grib-2 and improvements for gac processing.

CPP Version 2012 was released in May 2012 and introduced support for viirs as well as new cloud microphysical parameters through the cpp algorithms developed at the knmi. Since version 2012 all processing is done in satellite projection.

The latest version is v2014. It has been followed by a number of patches to solve various specific or minor issues. The latest version is always available for download at the nwcsaf Help Desk.

See the most recent release notes to get a summary of the updates since version 2012: